Juan Pablo Hernandez Gutierrez
Juan Pablo Hernandez Gutierrez is an interdisciplinary artist working in painting, drawing, video collage, and installation. His work explores displaced bodies as fragmented identities and how these challenge dominant conceptions. He has participated in The Lab Program Residency in CDMX. From Colombia, he now lives and works in TiohtiĆ :ke

I am interested in the intricacies of misinterpretation, precarity and adaptation of sign systems in new environments. I am interested in how a set of signs loses and gains meaning when displaced and wrongly repeated. That is, the repetition and adaptation of popular and pop icons in marginalized sectors. I intend the viewer and my work to examine the intersections of meaning when realities fundamentally differ from their place of origin and experience displacement. I regularly use the poor image/bootleg concept and materialization to evoke migration/globalization, marginalization, adaptation and performativity associations.